Manchu Hero's Sensible Tweet On Inter Student-Suicides

Manchu Hero's Sensible Tweet On Inter Student-Suicides

The frightening state of Intermediate students committing suicides over the depression of failing in examinations is leaving everyone in Telangana under a surge of emotions. Actor Manchu Manoj too reacted to the news on his Twitter account. Not accepting failure, and pressurized education is the reason behind such extreme steps, said the actor.

He questioned who is responsible for such incidents? Who will stop suicides?  'There is life beyond examinations...I condemn the pressure put upon the students at such an age where they are vulnerable to take up their own lives without second thoughts,' he tweeted.

Manoj also advised that examinations alone are not our lives and there is much more than that. Too much pressure on children over education is damaging their self-esteem, he claimed. He requested parents to be supportive of their children, even if they fail in subjects.

In midst of his emotional tweets, he mentioned Telangana working president KTR as Minister and netizens couldn't stop pointing out his blunder. He was badly trolled over calling KTR a minister and also received quite a few negative comments for raising his voice on students committing suicides, however, the actor ignored them all.

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