Data Breach: Telangana SIT's claims of Punjab data 'wrong'

Data Breach: Telangana SIT's claims of Punjab data 'wrong'

After giving out a statement that it has found Aadhaar data of citizens from Punjab and the news becoming an international sensation, the Telangana SIT gave out another statement denying that they did not mention anything about data from Punjab. Earlier on April 21st, the SIT gave a press releases stating that 2 crore Aadhaar numbers it discovered belonged to Punjab.

However, the SIT gave a clarification that the matter is still being investigated and described it as 'unfounded.' The data received or in possession with the SIT is already available in public domain. Police officials who have been facing a major embarrassment after wrong information say that it could have been the work of some over-enthusiastic cop trying to please the political class, without verification.

Meanwhile, UIDAI authority has clarified that its servers were not breached in this case and the data is available in public domain for anyone. Political circles are now rife with rumours that the Telangana SIT is unnecessarily spreading these message to 'attract appreciation in haste' from the political bigwigs in the ruling TRS.

Unfortunately, for the Telangana SIT, UIDAI's clarification came as a major embarrassment as it has stated that it is not data breach. Meanwhile, TDP has been alleging that the TRS along with YSRCP has been trying to make the issue controversial but its claims have failed flat after UIDAI's statement.

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