'India did not save nuclear weapon for Diwali,' Modi

'India did not save nuclear weapon for Diwali,' Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a rally in Barmer said that India was no longer threatened and frightened by the nuclear war given by Pakistan. He also added that India did not save its nukes for Diwali.

The rally has ex-servicemen present in huge numbers and Modi confirmed that India has stopped getting scared by Pakistan's threats. "The newspapers and media claim that Pakistan has nuclear weapons and what do we have then? Are we saving our nukes for Diwali or what?" he said sarcastically.

Though PM did not directly raise the point of Balakots strikes, he added that Pakistan's stubborn ego has been shattered by us and his government has crushed their confidence. "I forced Pakistan to roam around the world with a begging bowl and we have squashed their arrogance," he said.

He also slammed Congress for saying how terrorism and nationalism are not the real problems. He asked people - how can they not call them issues when our Indians are being sent back to the country, wrapped in tricolour. "Congress claimed that I should not talk about courage. Then, why am I here, to do Bhajan?"

He ended the speech with a one-line -"Just remember that when you cast your vote, you are not only exercising your duty as an alert citizen, but also as an alert soldier"

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