Pawan Predicts The Seats Janasena Will Win

Pawan Predicts The Seats Janasena Will Win

Other day, though every politician is spending their leisure time well, with Chandrababu resting in Hyderabad, Jagan at Lotus Pond and others going on holiday, many thought even Pawan Kalyan will also fly abroad.

While his vacation plans are kept under the wraps, other day Janasena president is said to have held a meeting with his trusted aides at Hyderabad party office. Reportedly Pawan is said to be quite confident that the party will win a good number of seats in the recently concluded election whose result will be revealed on May 23rd. The Janasenani is said to have predicted nearly 15 seats for the 'tea tumbler' and even named the constituencies that they might win likely.

A good number of seats in Godavari districts and North Andhra including Vizag are on the mind of Pawan, while he's said to have named a couple of MLA seats in Rayalaseema region, especially Kurnool. Though some of his party members pointed out at the surveys conducted by few top level companies and media houses, which predicted 1 or 0 seats for Janasena, Pawan asked them to ignore such stuff.

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