'My constituency election expenditure is Rs 50 cr'

'My constituency election expenditure is Rs 50 cr'

Anantpur MP JC Diwakar Reddy is an open minded politician and doesn't hesitate to talk on any issue. This time, JC has targeted the public. Oh yes, you read it right, JC criticised people for becoming too commercial especially during the elections.

"When I contested for the first time for MLA position, the election expenditure was Rs 7 Lakh. The second time was Rs 25 Lakh and after three decades, the expenses are in crore of Rupees. Not just politicians, intellectuals and public should also blamed for this. People who couldn't afford food for one time in a day are demanding Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per vote these days. Such is the plight and in my constituency, Rs 50 crore was spent during the elections," said JC.

The Anantapur MP then felt sorry for AP CM Chandrababu Naidu, who despite introducing 120 welfare schemes, had to beg for votes but nobody recognised his work. "He launched many welfare schemes, inter-linked rivers to give water to the public. None appreciated them. But 'Pasupu-Kunkuma' and pensions to senior citizen had played a major role," added JC.

About the election cost going up, JC said very soon he would hold a meeting with politicians, intellectuals and others to talk about this. This menace has to end as this is not a good trend in politics, concluded JC and left from Chandrababu's residence in Erravelli.

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