Where is Mudragada Padmnabham?

Where is Mudragada Padmnabham?

With polling in Andhra Pradesh ending almost two weeks ago, prominent Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham seems to have disappeared from the elections scene altogether. Even during the high-voltage campaigning season in the state, he wasn't seen anywhere in the whole episode nor was his voice heard.

His deafening silence has been a surprising revelation for those in AP's political circles. As someone who has constantly opposed the Telugu Desam government and had written letters conveying the anguish of Kapus over the Kapus reservation issue, his vanishing act comes as a shocker to many.

As someone who has self-proclaimed himself as the torch-bearer for the Kapu community and also was alleged to be the one responsible for the Tuni train-burning incident, many are wondering why he has not even come out and asked people to vote.

His anti-Chandrababu stand is well known in the political circles. However, a few months ago, when asked about his interest in joining a political party, he said that he was in touch with all political parties but did not reveal whether he would join any.

On the other hand, political observers state that Chandrababu-led government's announcement and passing of 5% Kapu reservation in the 10% EWS Quota could have silenced him as the government has made a provision and implemented its promise.

This could have been one of the reasons for Mudragada, whether to support or oppose it as the latter could put his own stand directly in conflict with his demand for Kapu reservation. Therefore, putting him in a fix through AP government's announcement, political observers say, is a good strategy for the TDP.

However, will he make his stand clear following the election results on May 23rd is something we need to look forward. Well, the D-Day for AP polls results will surely open a Pandora’s box in the state.

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