Inside Talk: 'CM Jagan' Scaring Sr Bureaucrats Away

Inside Talk: 'CM Jagan' Scaring Sr Bureaucrats Away

If rumours doing rounds in Andhra Pradesh political circles are to be believed, then senior bureaucrats in the state government are mulling whether to stay or leave. With almost 40 days to go before the Assembly and General Elections results are out, senior IAS officers are planning to go on a Central Deputation. This moves comes after YSR Congress has been declaring that it will be coming to power and its president Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy will be the Chief Minister.

Additionally, the party even got the Chief Minister nameplate carved out in Jagan's name. Videos of I-Pac team wishing him to be the best Chief Minister of AP and other such marketing also have been taking the social media by storm. However, TDP has remained silent while it is confident of winning close to 130 seats. However, according to sources in the government, there is fear that these bureaucrats will not be able to function under a Chief Minister like Jagan.

'A lot of progressive and forward thinking bureaucrats are looking out for central deputation. There is news that if Jagan comes to power, those in the CM office will definitely choose another state or Centre,' said a source, on condition of anonymity. Going by the clashes and violence in the state, along with the EC's order on transfers by colluding with the BJP at the Centre, many are whispering that they would not want to be under such a CM, who is as inexperienced as Jagan.

It is a well-known fact that TDP chief N. Chandrababu Naidu has always had a great team of bureaucrats to help him implement his vision. He is also known to give freedom to IAS officers in his coterie. Now, with news of Jagan becoming the CM creating waves, these bureaucrats are aware that Jagan or his associates will not spare them and hence, they are looking at other options. Well, this is quite an indication of what Andhra Pradesh's future will be if YSR Congress Party wins. We can only wait to see the verdict on May 23rd. 

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