Huge Betting on Mangalagiri

Huge Betting on Mangalagiri

Now that the elections are over, the people of Telugu states are waiting for May 23rd. With 40 days left for the results, the bookies are indulging in huge betting. Which party will win? How many seats? What would be the majority of these candidates? These are primary things, bookies are weighing on. But a lot of focus is on Mangalagiri constituency from AP Chandrababu's son, Nara Lokesh is contesting. With main opposition YSRCP being very strong in the constituency and Lokesh taking a daring step to contest, the betting is at peaks touching crore of Rupees.

There is about two lakh, seventy-five thousand voters in Mangalagiri and the polling percentage is 85 which is a record. Most of the bookies are said to be on YSRCP's side as they got to know ground level reality and pulse of the voters. But bookies are offering the double the amount if Lokesh wins. For example, if a person invested Rs 10 Lakh on Lokesh and if he wins, the person would get Rs 15 to Rs 20 Lakh. This amount is touching all the way to one crore.

There are few rumors too which could work against Lokesh. People living in the hill top are in fear that if TDP forms the government, the residences of poor people on the hill would be removed. YSRCP has succeeded in campaigning like this. Few farmers who have been roaming around courts over their land and lost their land in land-pooling for the capital city are also said to have voted for YSRCP.

Moreover, YS Jagan has announced that if their party candidate RK wins, he would be made a minister, worked well and people seem to expect that if this really happens, then there could be some developmental works. This announcement has completely changed the equations.

But Lokesh can't be underestimated here. He campaigned every nook and corner of the constituency and received a phenomenal response. Though many leaders campaigned, for a long time Lokesh handled the campaign single-handedly.

Lokesh or RK? What could be the majority? Bookies are leaving no stone unturned to make money on each and every aspect. Let us wait for the result day.

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