'Money Box' In Modi's chopper?

'Money Box' In Modi's chopper?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Chitradurga district of Karnataka, has caught everyone's eye. A mysterious 'Black Box' was spotted being carried out from rumored to be Modi's chopper. The Karnataka Congress shared the video of the box being taken away by two men in the social media and based on this, the 'Hand' party approached the Election Commission for a detailed investigation.

The Congress also demanded Modi that he should come out clean in this episode and reveal what exactly had the black box. However, Congress could not verify whether the box was actually removed from Modi's chopper or not as there were three choppers at the venue.

The Chitradurga BJP unit has acknowledged about the 'black box' and said it had election supply material such as electronic equipment and party logos to be used on the dais for the prime minister's speech. Then the BJP criticized the Congress leaders for lacking basic common sense and unnecessarily hyping the episode which has no significance.

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