High Stakes bets over who will win in AP!

High Stakes bets over who will win in AP!

Why did the disgruntled voters come back to polling booths to cast their votes? Why did they wait till the early hours next day? What drove them to the booths? Who would they have voted for? These are the questions that are on every candidate's mind in Andhra Pradesh after elections. While some are looking at it as a massive anti-government wave, some are betting big on a pro-government undercurrent across the state.

With such high stakes on Andhra Pradesh elections, betting is prevalents across the state. Punters in Krishna, East and West Godavari districts have been betting massive amounts on parties and nominees. Interestingly, they have observed polling strategy and percentage apart from the voter turnout in huge numbers. Not only them, but those in Telangana as well as NRIs are keenly watching out for AP Assembly results.

However, one aspect which has been bothering punters and politicians is the utter silence of voters. With women and senior citizens turning out in large numbers but not revealing who they cast their votes for, this has been giving jitters to punters. While YSRCP has gone ahead and declared it is coming to power across social media and other platforms too, Telugu Desam Party's strategic silence indicates its confidence in retaining power due to huge women turnout at booths.

Of the 3.93 crore voters, 1.57 crore women cast their votes this time, a number higher than men voters. Even when asked about who they voted for by their own family members or husbands, women have been tight-lipped about it. A lot of money is riding on Chandrababu returning to power as punters believe it will be a pro-incumbency election looking at the voting percentage and voters' dedication to cast their votes despite EC's bad way of conducting elections in AP. Looks like May 23rd is going to change the future of many in Andhra Pradesh!

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