Interesting take on Chandrbabau's majority in Kuppam

Interesting take on Chandrbabau's majority in Kuppam

Having represented Kuppam assembly constituency half-a-dozen times from 1989, Chandrababu's victory here for the seventh time is a cake walk. But in the last two terms, the majority of Chandrababu came down and so once again there is a discussion about the majority because Kuppam result trend will directly fall on Chittoor Lok Sabha seat. YSR Congress party has put in a lot of efforts to bring down Chandrababu's majority in this elections.

TDP sensed YSRCP work in doing damage to Chandrababu's majority and planned different strategies. This time Kuppam reported 85.25 percent of voting which is 1.39 percent higher than 2014. With the polling getting registered such higher, the debate about Chandrababu's majority in the constituency started. But whom will this increase in voting benefit is a million Dollar question.

On behalf of YSRCP, MP Mithun Reddy and Nagari MLA Roja constantly campaigned in Kuppam against Chandrababu. YSRCP claims that the increase in voting is anti-incumbency against TDP government and this will certainly decrease Chandrababu's majority. But the TDP has rubbished YSRCP's claims. 'Pasupu - Kumkuma' money getting credited three days before the elections and the welfare schemes being strictly implemented in the constituency, plus the past developmental works, will help Chandrababu to get 75,000 majority, is what TDP is estimating.

A total of 2,13,146 are eligible to vote from Kuppam constituency this time and out of the number, 1,81,712 have utilized their vote. So will TDP's estimation turn right and YSRCP will succeed in reducing Chandrbaabu's majority? May 23rd we will get to know.

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