Nagarjuna Didn't Respect PM Modi's Request?

Nagarjuna Didn't Respect PM Modi's Request?

"Every 5 years we get to choose our leaders and celebrate democracy!! It's time to vote!!!! #timetovote" is what Nagarjuna Akkineni has tweeted on the day of the election, but he hasn't shared his inked selfie. At the same time, he's not seen along with his wife Amala at the polling booth also.

This is now leading to doubt if Nag has voted or not in the election. Actually, the senior Akkineni hero happens to be the one who was asked by none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote awareness regarding voting. When Modi tagged both Nag and Mohanlal on twitter, to spread the word about the need to vote, the actor responded positively.

But then, Nagarjuna's inked selfie went missing and reports are coming out that the actor went ahead to Portugal to take part in the latest schedule of his upcoming film Manmadhudu 2. Even after creating awareness among people, one would wonder why Nag didn't follow what he preached.

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