BJP-YSRCP ki antha cinema ledhu: Sivaji

BJP-YSRCP ki antha cinema ledhu: Sivaji

After showing the people of Andhra Pradesh about the development and progress under Telugu Desam government through his narrative, film actor Sivaji released a new video on the Election Commission's incapability of conducting polls in the state and the clashes that followed. He also criticised the BJP for conspiring with the YSR Congress party to ensure that AP remains on the boil during polls.

In the video, he said: "Finally, elections have ended in Andhra Pradesh amidst clashes, violence and deaths. It at least ended peacefully because of people's unity and they turning up to vote in large numbers. Now, after this, BJP has begun a new drama in the name of PARC, which is its mouthpiece. According to PARC's predictions, YSR Congress will win 18 seats and TRS will win 14 seats while YSRCP will win with a good majority of 129 assembly seats."

"Interestingly, the BJP is making Andhra Pradesh puppet by making it part of their game where it strongly believes it will come back to power. Antha cinema ledhu (BJP is dreaming)...People of AP are pro-government. Let us understand...why would women come out in huge numbers and stay till midnight at the polling booths for their turn to vote if Chandrababu was such a crook like Jagan claims? Second, why would they put the future of their kids in the hands of Jagan who is convicted in serious financial crimes?," he asked through his video, which is a message to the people of AP.

Not stopping at that, he said: "BJP also helped YSRCP release those videos of Prashant Kishor wishing him "Be the best CM of Andhra." Funnily, they are saying that Chandrababu Naidu is losing that's why he incited violence. Wow! That is incredible belief. But, remember that people's mandate will be out on May 23rd and the government will be formed with a bumper majority. Everyone should relax until then," he signed off.

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