PARC predicts 120 seats for YCP, 49 for TDP

PARC predicts 120 seats for YCP, 49 for TDP

Political Analysis & Research Centre (PARC) of New Delhi has predicted YSR Congress party victory in the Andhra Pradesh assembly and Lok Sabha elections. As per PARC, YSRCP is likely to win 129 seats (plus or minus) while TDP would win 49 seats. Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Party would settle for four or more seats.

Coming to the Lok Sabha numbers tally, YSRCP is expected to win 18 and TDP at 7 while Jana Sena and other parties would get zero.

In Telangana, PARC predictions are in favour of ruling TRS. The pink party is likely to win 14 and one each for MIM, BJP and Congress.

PARC credits itself that their predictions have come true in Karnataka and Telangana assembly elections.

We will have to wait till May 23rd how far these numbers will turn true.

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