Huge women turnout favour TDP?

Huge women turnout favour TDP?

Despite initial glitches in EVMs and voters fretting over the incapability of the Election Commission in holding elections fairly in Andhra Pradesh, the voter turnout rounded off to around 80% where women turned out in large numbers and remained at the polling booths until they could cast their vote.

Interestingly, several voters who had returned home after waiting for hours at the polling booths unable to cast their votes, came back to polling stations to exercise their franchise. Most people say that people came back to polling booths due to an appeal made by AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. The fact that women turned out in huge numbers is also indicative of an undercurrent that could be positive for the Telugu Desam Party.

Chief Election Officer Gopal Krishna Dwivedi has finally acknowledged that some places will go for re-polling. But, all the voters reflected a strong resolve which could give one party a bumper majority. Which party will get a chance and which one will stay in the Opposition is something that we will have to wait for.

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