Pic Talk: An Unbelievable Charminar Area On Poll Day

Pic Talk: An Unbelievable Charminar Area On Poll Day

Generally, if it is election time and a poll day, then huge forces will be deployed in the Old City area of Hyderabad as the region is prone to religious fights and breakouts. This sensitive area showcased its new face today, when Telangana went for Parliamentary polls.

Unlike the usual where we see CRPF personnel deployed and police taking guard of all the streets leading to Charminar, there is a different scene at the historical monument. Youths are seen playing cricket on the newly uplifted Charminar square in full joyful manner. As it happens to be a holiday, it looks like after voting, people have joined for a game of cricket.

That's the reason many politicians dubbed this is a special picture with unbelievable content. But what is so shocking is that polling percentage in these areas also came down as only 39.4% people have voted in Hyderabad, which is seriously a shocker to political parties. Guess what, many voters also got shocked as their votes are deleted.

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