Ali and Renu Desai Coming Together to Reveal More?

Ali and Renu Desai Coming Together to Reveal More?

With love and sweetness, Renu Desai, former wife of Pawan Kalyan has already tried to shame the actor in media a couple of times. And then, we have comedian Ali who has recently made some strong comments on the Janasena president. How about these two coming together to reveal some unknown things?

That is what going to happen as the latest promo of Ali's TV show "Alitho Saradaga" is anything to go by. While many things about their talk revolved around Badri and Johnny movies, Renu has revealed interesting stuff like how she worked in the editing departments of those films. "I've worked on the editing of Kushi and Johnny. You can ask Surya sir, producers or my ex-husband Kalyan garu as proof and I got paid nothing for that" she said.

At the same time, Renu also revealed that her father hasn't come to see her when she was born. "As I happen to be that girl child, my father hasn't come to the hospital to see me," she said, breaking into tears. It looks the show is being aired at the right time on April 15th as many people glue to TV sets due to Summer holidays.

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