Jagan's Media Projects A Fake Survey In Sakshi

Jagan's Media Projects A Fake Survey In Sakshi

Unarguably, the media is playing a major role in the ongoing polls. While some of the TV channels have come up with their surveys, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's Sakshi TV, on Sunday, projected a fabricated NDTV survey which indicated that the YSRCP would win the Andhra Pradesh general elections with a landslide victory.

Citing it as an 'NDTV survey', few web channels backed by Jagan went a step ahead and claimed that the YSRCP is going to win 19-22 LS seats in Andhra. This is one of the long list of fake surveys doing rounds, ahead of voting on 11th April. However, the survey proved to be a false one and it's one of the several political gimmicks to influence the voters in last minute.

Offering a clarification on the fake survey report, the senior editor and correspondent of NDTV Uma Sudhir said: "Am told a 'survey report' with predictions about election results in #AP is being circulated on social media, with one of the result predictions attributed to NDTV-CSDS; this is to clarify that no such survey has been conducted by @ndtv"

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