NRIs Spending Huge On TDP Ads!

NRIs Spending Huge On TDP Ads!

Unlike any other political party in the Telugu states, the Telugu Desam Party has a huge following and fan base abroad in countries like the US, Australia, Japan, Singapore, UK and Canada. Non-resident Indians have always been supportive of TDP government"s works in Andhra Pradesh. Some have even gone to the extent of getting billboards and hoardings with messages of "Bring Babu Back" on America"s state highways.

The NRI community has strong backing of AP Chief Minister as they also donate funds to the party and participate in lot of development activities, village adoption and other programs. With elections just around the corner, Telugu Desam Party has been lucky to find several NRIs who are funding their campaigns. Around 1500 NRIs from the US, UK and Australia have been descending in huge numbers in the state ahead of elections. NRIs from approximately 50 countries are working on the ground to support the campaigns of the TDP.  

The willingness and support of NRIs has come to boost the party"s morale as many are even making an effort to effectively communicate about TDP"s welfare programs and development works in the state. NRIs such as Komati Jayaram who is NRI TDP wing leader and a well-established businessman along with other wealthy NRIs have been spending hugely on television advertisements in Telugu news channels for the Telugu Desam Party. They are saturating all pro-TDP media outlets with these TV and digital media ads.

NRIs have also come out with a mobile campaign for TDP titled "Prachara Radham" which has a huge LED screen mounted atop a vehicle where messages of several NRIs to people of AP are being played in villages. These NRIs, whose videos are relayed on the LED screen, encourage voters to vote for the TDP for a "bright future."

While mobile vehicles have been driving the TDP"s message in every district through "Prachara Radham," NRIs have also been informing their family, friends and communities to vote for TDP through conference calls and extensive use of social media platforms. Well, TDP has quite the international might and outreach that a national party has!

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