Jana Sena is a "silent revolution"

Jana Sena is a

It could be one thing to express confidence on Jana Sena Party's political prospects and the other to make unrealistic claims about forming a government. One such video that has cropped up in the last few hours is that of the party Vizag MP candidate and former Joint Director of CBI, V.V. Lakshminarayana. Speaking to reporters, Lakshminarayana said that Jana Sena is a "silent revolution."

"No on is noticing how it is silently spreading like a wildfire in the state. But, when a Jana Senani is seen amidst the sea of people, you will know its impact well," he said, explaining about how Jana Sena Party's potential to grow across the state as it has a bright future. Interestingly, Lakshminarayana shared about the party's winning seats which has stunned the reporters.

"We will win 88 to 175 assembly seats. Minimum 88 and maximum 175. In Parliament, we will win a minimum of 15 seats and maximum of 25 seats," he told, reporters. At one point, one of the reporters also points out that AP has 25 Parliamentary seats to which Lakshminarayana responded in the affirmative, stating that he is aware of the total seats in the state.

Going by his expectations of Jana Sena's impact in the state, netizens are commenting that he is unnecessarily misleading people and the party's followers.

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