Balayya Mavayya Opposed My Political Entry - Bharat

Balayya Mavayya Opposed My Political Entry - Bharat

Sri Bharath has set the record straight about his political debut and his candidacy as Vizag MP from TDP. Talking about it, Bharat divulged that when he originally shared his plan to enter politics, his Mavayya Balakrishna has opposed. "Balayya Mavayya asked me why I want to enter politics at very early age. He told it is not easy and also cautioned that I wouldn't have time for family if I enter politics. When I told him I made my decision, he has supported me," said Bharat.

Bharat said he and his wife Tejeswini share very good equation and would like to spend time together. Since Balakrishna is aware of their bonding, he advised that if joining politics may take away his family time. Bharat too agreed as they have an year-old kid, but as he has made up his decision to serve people, Balayya and Tejeswini supported him.

Revealing his equation with co-brother Nara Lokesh, Bharat said Lokesh is one of his big strengths. He said Lokesh has been very supportive and said he shares good rapport with him.

Talking about Chinnamma Purandheswari contesting against him in Vizag on BJP ticket, Bharat takes it in stride and said family is different from work, politics. He said BJP is not even a competition to him. Veering towards his opponent former IPS officer Lakshminarayana, Bharat said one can't alone do justice to people.

He said his party has strong leadership, cadre who can do justice to people. He said MP, MLAs, ministers and government together can work and deliver its commitment. He hence asked the people of Vizag to vote for TDP.

Overall, Bharat is cool and composed. He scored brownie points in his first political interview.

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