SC rejects urgent hearing on Lakshmi's NTR

SC rejects urgent hearing on Lakshmi's NTR

In a rude shock to the team of Lakshmi's NTR movie, the Supreme Court today dismissed the plea seeking an urgent hearing on the film's release, which was stayed by Andhra Pradesh High Court. A Bench of justices headed by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has rejected the plea. Meanwhile, earlier in the day, before the dismissal of the plea, Ram Gopal Varma posted pictures of lawyers and advocates preparing for the case at the Supreme Court premises.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court had recently ordered a stay on Ram Gopal Varma's film until April 3rd. Following this, Varma commented that he would go to the apex court to seek justice. Commenting on the High Court's order, Ram Gopal Varma had said earlier that there is a "political agenda" behind stalling the film's release.

"Why would someone to to the extent of approaching a court and stopping a film unless there is an agenda behind it? It is common sense," he had told reporters, adding that the film talks about real incidents. According to Varma, the film portrays Lakshmi Parvathi's version of NTR's life which portrayed AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu in a negative shade.

However, most fans of NTR who have watched the film state that most facts have been twisted to suit the story's screenplay and are misrepresented because Lakshmi Parvathi is shown as an angel who entered NTR's life to save him. But, the actual story, they say if of her interference in NTR's administration and her attempts in claiming power. Well, going by the story, one does understand that truth is subjective!

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