Bigg Boss 2 Contestant Joins YSR Congress

Bigg Boss 2 Contestant Joins YSR Congress

Before she came upon Big Boss, actually this anchor is just getting more popular and also some roles in Telugu movies. To magnify and enlarge her options, anchor Syamala has taken the route of this reality show. But actually, the show made things tough for her.

Especially Syamala's two timing inside the Big Boss house about various things and her backbiting regarding other lady contestants inside the house have misfired. That's the reason people have chosen to eliminate her the game though she is brought back through special entry card as well.

And now, Syamala and her husband Narasimha Reddy have joined YSR Congress party, for reasons better known to them. Maybe the anchor would have felt that her ideology and thought process match big time with YSR Congress and its leader YS Jagan.

Initially many felt that Kaushal is going to join YSR Congress, but the #BigBoss2 winner kept himself away from politics though he met AP's outgoing CM Chandrababu Naidu earlier. And then, Syamala gave the twist.

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