Nearly 100 NRIs arrived Hyd to campaign for TRS

Nearly 100 NRIs arrived Hyd to campaign for TRS

To actively join the TRS election campaign for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, nearly 100 NRIs from various countries have landed in Hyderabad. Lok Sabha elections will be held on April 11 in Telangana and the TRS party has 40 NRI wings in several countries. The representatives who have arrived in the city will start campaigning in 16 constituencies.

TRS NRI coordinator, Mahesh Bigala addressed a press conference in Telangana Bhavan today. He said that many meetings have been conducted in different countries to bring awareness of KCR's vision and to lead the government at the Centre.

The sole purpose of the meetings is to know about KCR's noble work and spread the same message to all families and friends and get maximum votes in the coming LS polls, he said. NRIs have also used social media platform for the campaigning work.

Earlier this year, NRI cells have been established in over 100 countries. These cells are said to have a bridge connection between the government and the people. In Gulf, TRS NRI leaders have visited the camps of Telangana workers and elaborated on the need to vote to their leader.

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