Lotus Pond Talk: Jagan Worried About Last Minute Stroke

Lotus Pond Talk: Jagan Worried About Last Minute Stroke

The biggest twist so far happening in Andhra Pradesh politics is that both the leading parties of the poll battle, Telugu Desam and YSR Congress, haven't yet announced their manifesto to the people. Only Pawan's Janasena has come up with a striking manifesto so far.

Reports are coming that YS Jagan is quite upset and at the same time brainstorming quite heavily with his folks at Lotus Pond to come up with a shocking manifesto that could tilt the vote banks towards his side. Last time in 2014, when Jagan felt that a red carpet was rolled for him, TDP gave them a shocker through Pawan Kalyan and through another major announcement.

In the last minute, Chandrababu Naidu announced farm-loan waiver and that changed the fate of Telugu Desam Party and crushed YCP with a major defeat. And this time, Jagan wants to crush those bullets that will be fired by Naidu with his attractive schemes. So far, YSR Congress folks are said to have tried to get a whiff of what's cooking in TDP compound regarding manifesto but are said to have got nothing of it.

And then, Naidu is said to be waiting for Jagan to make the first move such that he will come up with all the trumpets blazing when it comes to announcing the manifesto.

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