Bhimavaram YCP Candidate's Appeal To Pawan Fans

Bhimavaram YCP Candidate's Appeal To Pawan Fans

Bhimavaram YSRCP candidate Grandhi Srinivas' emotional appeal to the voters of his constituency has now become a hot topic in social media circles. A video of Srinivas expressing that both Jagan and Pawan Kalyan should join and contest polls together is being widely shared by Janasena followers. Janasena followers commented that YCP is "afraid" of their leader Pawan and say YCP candidates are "begging" emotionally to stop Pawan. Grandhi also appealed to youngsters in his constituency to think wisely and asked his followers to vote accordingly. He said votes shouldn't split between him and Pawan Kalyan and thus benefit the ruling party candidate. He said voters particularly youth in his constituency should vote keeping this in mind.

Grandhi Srinivas is a former MLA from Bhimavaram. He belongs to Kapu community and most of his followers, fans are die-hard fans of Pawan Kalyan as well. With this Srinivas is afraid that many of his own followers may vote for Pawan as Pawan himself is contesting in the constituency.

In 2014, Grandhi had lost to TDP's Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu. For the past 5 years, Grandhi had been in opposition. If he loses again this time, he has to wait for another 5 years to test his luck. After seeing Grandhi's emotional video, many of Pawan fans are sympathizing with him but saying that one can't help much but sympathize and expressing that Pawan would win with a huge margin.


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