Sivaji's Return Gift Is Joining YSR Congress?

Sivaji's Return Gift Is Joining YSR Congress?

It looks like outgoing MAA president Sivaji Raja has more or less revealed what is his "Return Gift" to Mega brother Nagababu who hasn't extended support to him in the recently concluded MAA elections. After Naresh winning the post, Sivaji Raja commented that he will give return gift to the mega brother.

Reports have that Sivaji Raja is going to join YSR Congress and will be campaigning in Bhimavaram and surrounding places. Though he hailed Pawan Kalyan as an honest man, now he's said to be chalking scripts to make sure that he will be defeating both Pawan and Nagababu through in the election through his war of words.

In case if that is the return gift Nagababu is going to get from Sivaji Raja, we wonder if PK's fans and Nagababu's admirers will keep silent on the actor. Because there is a lot of mud that could be splashed against Sivaji Raja too as he didn't leave MAA on a positive note regarding which Naresh also accused a lot.

We have to see what really happens anyway.

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