YS Vijayamma's strength shivers Opponents

YS Vijayamma's strength shivers Opponents

YSR Congress honorary president YS Vijayamma shocked the political parties and analysts, who had written her off ever since she made forey into the active politics. With her maiden by-poll campaign in Narasannapeta of Srikakulam district, she is sending shivers down the spine of Jagan's opponents. Apart from drawing a massive crowd on par or even more than that of Jagan's meeting, YS Vijaya attracted the attention of people with her impressive oratory skills.

The Pulivendula MLA began her speech reminding the efforts of late YSR to bring back Congress to power in 2004 with his Padayatra and also to retain power in 2009 facing the Mahakutami and Chiranjeevi factor. She pointed out that the welfare and development schemes introduced by her husband for the upliftment of the poor were diluted by the present government. Played the sentiment card by saying Rachabanda program which was introduced by YSR with the intention to resolve the problems of the poor ended up claiming his life. At last, she concluded the speech by appealing to the people to show their support for Jagan by sending the 18 YSR Congress by-poll candidates to the Assembly.

To be frank, including the YSR Congress leaders no one expected this kind response for Vijayamma. The ruling Congress and opposition TDP were paying a heavy price now for underestimating her, as there indications of YSRC sweeping the by-polls. Vijayamma showed that she can pull it off, even in the absence of Jagan. Her transformation from a typical house wife to a true politician in a short span of time is a remarkable achievement. She is one of the best examples to prove that if given chance women are capable of doing anything. Hats off to YS Vijayamma!

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