'If Modi becomes PM again, No More Elections In India'

'If Modi becomes PM again, No More Elections In India'

Likening Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China's authoritarian regime under Mao and current Premier Xi Jingping, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said if Modi is elected as PM once again, India may have to tread the path as China or Russia.

"If we re-elect Modi, then I doubt if we will ever have elections in India. Chunav honge bhi, aur nahin bhi honge...jaise China, Russia mein hota hai (Elections will be held in the country or may be not, like what happens in China, Russia)," he said.

Stating that Democracy is in danger, Gehlot said that Modi could do anything to come back to power "It could even mean a war with Pakistan that India cannot afford at this stage," he said. Elaborating on Modi's publicity blitz, he said Modi is a great actor and he is a master at marketing false promises to people of India. "If Modi was in Bollywood, he would have made a mark within India and globally too, with his oratory and acting skills," he added.

Gehlot's remarks come at a time the both the Congress and the BJP are trading barbs at each other with just a few days left for the Lok Sabha polls, beginning on April 11th. Reiterating that Congress and its allies will win the election this time, he said that people will eventually understand the falsehood that BJP is propagating.

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