Rs.43 crore story behind Adala's Exit!

Rs.43 crore story behind Adala's Exit!

In a rude shock to the Telugu Desam Party, speculation is rife that Nellore rural constituency candidate Adala Prabhakar Reddy who had suddenly gone missing in Andhra Pradesh will soon be joining YSR Congress Party. Soon after the Telugu Desam Party leadership announced him as the Nellore rural candidate for assembly elections, Adala began his campaign in the constituency yesterday.

Now, A media reports that Adala Prabhakar Reddy had sought the government for bills clearance worth Rs. 43 crore. On Friday afternoon, soon after he got a message on his mobile phone that the money got credited into his account, Adala abruptly halted his election campaign and told people that he got a call from Amaravati.

Surprisingly, he switched off his mobile phone and was not available to anyone. At the same time, Telugu Desam Party leaders were trying to reach out to him but he wasn't reachable to anyone. Meanwhile, some flex boards in front of his house, portraying him as the TDP's Nellore rural candidate also were removed while his office still hasn't responded to any rumours.

According to inside reports, Adala left to Hyderabad after the money was credited into his account, to meet YSR Congress President Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy. Sources say that Adala was promised Nellore Lok Sabha seat from YSRCP and hence, will soon be joining the party. However, he did not quit TDP until the money got credited into his account. This attitude has shocked TDP leaders about how he waited for the money and then quit the party, to use it for his campaigning in the YSRCP, if he joins the party.


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