Mohan Babu, YSR Congress And Janasena!

Mohan Babu, YSR Congress And Janasena!

Senior actor, producer, and former Rajyasabha member Mohan Babu is said to be contemplating to re-enter state politics from a long time. Even he has given all the hints in recent times that he doesn't know about his tomorrow in politics though he is not a supporter of any party on the present day.

A buzz is being heard in film circles that Mohan Babu is ready to join YSR Congress party in case  YS Jagan offers him a ticket. As many of his close aides are asking him to contest from Tirupathi, where he is running his educational institutions as well, even Mohan Babu is said to be keen on that particular seat only.

And then, as Jagan is not interested to give the Tirupathi seat to anyone than his close aide Bhumana Karunakar Reddy, we hear that Mohan Babu has withdrawn the idea of joining YSR Congress. And now, if Janasena is willing to give Tirupathi ticket to Mohan Babu, he might join hands with Pawan Kalyan, say some rumours.

However, those close to Mohan Babu have called off all these speculations as baseless stuff being weaved around the Manchu star.

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