PVP In YCP:Target Vijayawada!

PVP In YCP:Target Vijayawada!

Producer and businessman PVP said public service is not politics and he joined YSR Congress party to do public service. "I was born in Vijayawada, did my schooling and engineering in the city. So Vijayawada development is my agenda not politics," said PVP speaking to the media outside the Lotus Pond.

PVP also acknowledged that he will be contesting for the Vijayawada Parliament seat in the coming elections. "The city being the capital region, I came here and the party has leaders with clear vision. YS Jagan has a plan to development for about 25 years and we are coming with full force," added PVP.

When media asked about his plans back in 2014, PVP replied that he was not fully prepared to enter politics then as when one enters public life, they should completely dedicate themselves to it. So he took his time. Media also asked that about the rumours of TRS government threatening Andhra businessmen to join YSRCP, he said that we are living in a democratic country and there is absolutely no pressure from anyone.

Along with PVP, Vijayawada former Mayor Ratna Bindhu, Vijayawada west TDP leader Saeed Khaleel joined YSRCP.

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