Nirav Modi's video from London streets will leave you surprised

Nirav Modi's video from London streets will leave you surprised

Fugitive Billionaire, Nirav Modi, is currently wanted by the Interpol for the criminal breach of trust and cheating issues. The latest news published by a popular newspaper is that The Telegraph reporter has found Nirav on London streets.In a two-minute clip shared by the newspaper, the billionaire, who is wanted in India in a Rs. 13,000 crore bank fraud case. He was walking briskly and the reporter tried to ask a few questions to which he repeatedly said, "no comments".

The reporter asked whether he is still in the diamond business. He also asked if he has applied for political asylum, and how long is he intended to stay in the UK. Modi did not respond to any of these. He wore a black jacket which costs around a whopping $10,000 and with a huge makeover in his style.

He tried to walk at a fast pace while the reporter was asking the questions. He looked pretty hesitant and apathetic. He also tried to take a cab to which the driver rejected. Later, the British newspaper reported that Nirav Modi has started a new diamond business in Soho, West End, in London.

Earlier, he was accused in the Punjab National Bank scam and later he left India and absconded for a few days. After seeing the viral video, the Congress asked questions like why don't PM Modi's government track Nirav like British journalist did and who is the government trying to protect.

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