Why Naidu Accepted Special Package?

Why Naidu Accepted Special Package?

With Telugu Desam Party Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu holding a day-long Deeksha at New Delhi, protesting against the Centre's injustice to Andhra Pradesh, Left parties in Andhra Pradesh have made trenchant attacks on the TDP.

Speaking to mediapersons today, CPI leader P. Madhu said that the Telugu Desam Party has sold out Andhra Pradesh. "This party (TDP) is staging a dharna today in Delhi. But, TDP is equally responsible for Andhra Pradesh not getting special status. They accepted BJP' special package. Why did they have to do it?," he questioned the TDP Chief, stating that the Left is not supporting the TDP in Delhi.

In a controversial remark, he said: "TDP is a party that does business over dead bodies. This party is not helping the drought-hit regions of Rayalaseema. They are creating water crisis in some regions where water is available and then asking people to pay for tankers which they procure," he said, adding that TDP's district-level workers are not serving people in drought regions.

He added that Jana Sena Party and Left Parties, from tomorrow, will begin questioning the government on his measure to quench the thirst of people in drought-hit Rayalaseema. "We will continue our fight against the government until they take measures to help people of Rayalaseema," he said.

However, one does not understand the Left and Jana Sena's sudden realisation of drought problem in the state at a time when the state is going for elections. Political observers say that this looks like a diversion strategy of the Jana Sena and Left parties from the current political scenario in the state where there is a discussion of fulfilling assurances made to AP in the Act.

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