Vundavalli Joining Jana Sena Party?

Vundavalli Joining Jana Sena Party?

Vundavalli Arun Kumar, the ex-MP of Rajahmundry who is known for his oratory skills was turned down by YS Jagan as per the grapevine. Vundavalli was famous as one of the close aides of YS Rajasehkara Reddy. His loyalties for YSR's family are known for many. Many expected that Vundavalli will be invited by YS Jagan to join YSRCP.

As per a hearsay, a few weeks ago Vundavalli was asked to join YSRCP but he had asked the high command of the party for two MP tickets (one for himself, and the other for his close friend) as a condition to join YSRCP.

But Jagan didn't oblige the request. Many insiders thought that though Jagan denies the other two tickets, he would certainly give Rajahmundry MP ticket to Vundavalli. But much to the shock, Jagan kept Vundavalli aside and offered the Rajahmundry MP ticket to Bharat, a young contestant from Yadava Community. Upset by this, Vundavalli has declared himself as open for all parties and called for Akhila Paksham.

One thing to be observed is Vundavalli is supporting Pawan Kalyan in recent interviews. There are some indications that Pawan Kalyan is planning to field Vundavalli from Rajahmundry. But will Vundavalli join JSP is the big question.

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