Undavalli's Perfect Analysis On Babu, Jagan & Pawan

Undavalli's Perfect Analysis On Babu, Jagan & Pawan

In a discussion with reporters over the current political situation in Andhra Pradesh, senior ex-Congress leader Undavalli Arun Kumar gave some interesting insights. Advising AP Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu not to constantly attack PM Narendra Modi, he said that Chandrababu need not scold Modi. "It is unnecessary. They (BJP) don't need our state. They don't have any stakes here. So, there no use of scolding him," Arun Kumar added.

Commenting on Padayatra culture in the state and giving his analysis of them, Undavalli said: "Chandrababu Naidu's and YSR's Padayatra were different. YS Rajasekhar Reddy's Padayatra won people's support though he had lot of opposition within Congress. Eventually, the support from people made him (YSR) the Chief Minister. But, Chandrababu did Padayatra in a completely different political scenario. He had lost the previous election..there was Telangana agitation. No one understood his purpose but he never gave up. This commitment and determination of Chandrababu eventually won him votes. He is someone who fights till the end."

"Now, Jagan's Padaytra is not about Jagan. It is about YSR's image. Anyone coming to Jagan's meetings are interested because he is YSR's son. Fortunately, Jagan is able to communicate his ideas well unlike Chandrababu. YSR's death has made him a God among people. But, people should never underestimate Chandrababu Naidu. He will fight the battle till the end. He is like Duryodhana. He will have some strategy till the end and use it when no one's predicting it," Undavalli explained.  

Giving his understanding of Chandrababu's recent comment on alliance with Pawan, he said that the TDP Chief made the statements only after Jagan made a comment stating Pawan and Chandrababu all have an understanding. "That's why Chandrababu purposefully answered that question and said 'Is it wrong if he have an alliance.' You know why he says such things sometimes? He knows that it will create speculation and affect Pawan. With such rumours, some leaders may leave Pawan. Pawan's supporters are all emotional people. So, if he compromises and have an alliance with any ruling government in AP, Pawan cannot wield any influence," said Undavalli.

Additionally, he said "Pawan's party is not about the party symbol. He will get votes for his face. His symbol should've been his face. Jana Sena Party may win few seats." While Undavalli is known for his straight forward comments on the political scenario, his suggestions are valuable to leaders in the state. May be, they need to take a suggestion or two from a veteran like him.

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