The New Iron Leg of BJP

The New Iron Leg of BJP

With the elections results in three states favouring the Congress and diminishing the BJP's votebank, the saffron party bosses have fallen into deep introspection about the loss in these states. As against their strong belief of a Modi wave, the state elections in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana (excluding Mizoram) have given a fillip to the Opposition and have clearly indicated that the Modi mania doesn't exist anymore.

Apart from this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apparently gone through the BJP's election campaign in these four states and has assessed the reasons for their dismal performance. While the star campaigners' magic did not work in these states, the BJP High Command also found one stark reason. Apparently, the places in which Uttar Pradesh CM yogi Adityanath campaigned, the party lost badly. And, this is something Modi has personally noticed.

Yogi's campaigns and BJP's loss in those regions are worrying the party cadre, say party sources. According to the BJP's assessment, in all the 55 assembly constituency that Narendra Modi canvassed for the BJP in four states, the vote share went down in 46 assembly constituencies while it increased in only 7 of them while it has remained as is in the remaining places. Similarly, in the 61 assembly constituencies that Yogi Adityanath campaigned in these 4 states, the BJP's vote share plummeted in 50 constituencies while it surged in 11 of them.

Apparently, Rahul Gandhi's effect on campaigns is better. In the 75 assembly constituencies he campaigned in, the vote share for the Congress party went up in 58 constituencies while it decreased in 12 of them and remained as in rest of them. Therefore, going by the effect of Yogi Adiytanath on BJP's votebank, the party High Command now has a fair idea that the UP CM's campaigns did not help the party much and hence, is being seen in the negative light. So, Is Yogi the new iron leg of BJP impacting BJP's votebank? The numbers say so!

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