Telangana Polls: Congress Vehicle Plays Swarnandhra Song

Telangana Polls: Congress Vehicle Plays Swarnandhra Song

With election date approaching fast, almost all the political parties in the fray are upping the ante in the poll-campaigns. From mud slinging to claiming credits, from nailing oppositions to making fun of them, every contestant and political party are flaunting their own merit.

However, some situations are quite surprising to see and the so-called "Praja Kutami" in Telangana elections is throwing many such. People in many constituencies are shocked to see the campaign jeeps of Congress party, which are loaded with stickers of Telugu Desam Party, TJS and CPI, are also playing songs of other parties.

Especially when the jeep is heard playing the song "Chandrababu is the one who turned the state into Swarnandhra", many are stunned. While we could understand the fact that Congress will play TDP songs as they are part of Prajakutami, how come Swarnandhra song in Telangana elections? Both TDP and Congress need to update to some new songs, isn't it?

On the other hand, poll flexis that have images of Sonia, Rahul, Naidu, NTR, Kodandaram, and others have also becoming a talking point.

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