Trump Drops Bomb on H-1B Visa Workers

Trump Drops Bomb on H-1B Visa Workers

The Trump administration is gearing up to propose new laws in order to benefit US workers. The Department of Homeland Security confirmed that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) would propose new laws by Jan 2019. And the main target is to revise, redefine the 'specialty occupation' under H-1B. As per the reports, the US is likely to make necessary changes only to allow/permit the "best and most-efficient" foreign nationals to come to the US and work.

The new changes are also expected to revise employment and the relations between employee and employer, in order to bring more focus on US workers and benefiting them in wages and providing "job security" i.e "protecting US workers".

This is not all. The new law would also lay down certain guidelines to firms about the payment to H-1B visa workers to ensure they are compensated "appropriately and adequately". This proposal is under the Unified Fall Agenda of the Trump administration. This is expected to directly affect Indian tech giants in the US, besides the contract-based IT companies, most of them are owned by Indian Americans.

The Department of Homeland Security's announcement comes days after Trump said that he wanted only "high-skilled" people to enter the US and repeatedly said only "merit" should be the key factor.

In Trump's Own Words:

"I'm very tough at the borders. We've been very tough at the borders. People have to come into our country legally, not illegally. Legally. And I want them to come in on merit," Trump had said during a press conference at the White House.

"What I want is merit. I want a lot of people to come in. We have great car companies entering our country again. This hasn't happened for 35 years. We have companies like Foxconn going to Wisconsin with a massive, massive plant," Trump added.

"We need people coming in, but we want them to come in on merit. We want people that are going to help us. It's very important," he concluded.


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