Harikrishna wouldn't Accept Congress-TDP alliance

Harikrishna wouldn't Accept Congress-TDP alliance

Hitting out at the Congress-TDP Alliance in Telangana, former TDP MLA who has defected to the TRS, said that the alliance between the two parties is immoral. "Balakrishna, who is campaigning in Telangana, should introspect about the alliance. If Harikrishna was alive, he wouldn't have agreed to the alliance at all," said Talasani.

Congress-TDP alliance seems to have become TRS' rallying point in Telangana elections. Sources in the Telugu Desam Party say that senior leaders K.E Krishna Murthy, Ayannapathrudu, Chinarajappa and others are against the alliance. However, TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu seems to have pacified the seniors for the time being.

He alleged that the Congress-TDP alliance in Telangana will cost the party in Andhra Pradesh. He indicated that Chandrababu Naidu is also putting the party's future at risk with the decision. "Chandrababu Naidu cannot stop the internal dissent within party for a long time. It will cost them dearly in Andhra Pradesh," he added. 

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