Contracts in Telangana : Jagan's Phone Call

Contracts in Telangana : Jagan's Phone Call

sandeSenior Congress leader and former MP Madhu Yashki Goud has made interesting comments that may trigger a storm in Andhra Pradesh politics. Yashki has accused the TRS government of giving its contracts to Rayalaseema contractors upon Jagan's phone call.

He said contractors from Rayalaseema region have been given the contracts in Telangana due to Jagan's recommendation. Yashki openly questioned the TRS leaders to deny these allegations. This confidence of Yashki is indicating that there is something really fishy.

Shooting a straight question to Harish Rao, Yashki questioned why the case against Padmalaya Studios has been taken back. He asked the TRS leaders to clarify the move.

The former Nizamabad MP Yashki has come down heavily on TRS MP Vinod. Challenging him and his party leaders to come for an open debate on granting separate statehood to Telangana, Yashki said Sonia Gandhi has given the statehood owing to the demands of people and students but not the TRS. He said if TRS could get Telangana with just 2 MPs at Lok Sabha then, why can't it get the Minority Reservations now.

Yashki said KCR had come to power in 2014 based on lies. He said KCR failed to build the double-bedroom houses to poor but Kavitha has owned villas worth crores. Yashki also dubbed Harish Rao's 'emotional burst' as pure drama. He said this is an attempt by TRS to get close with all the party's defiance leaders through Harish.

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