CCTV footages 'glamourizing' Honour Killings!

CCTV footages 'glamourizing' Honour Killings!

First it was the killing of Pranay in Miryalaguda, and then the attack on Madhavi and her boyfriend in Ameerpet, are getting maximum television airspace even in this political season! The reason for this media enthusiasm over these two incidents is the availability of CCTV footage from the incidents sites.

On the other hand, a woman Vijayalakshmi, was murdered late last month on the outskirts of Hyderabad, by her own family members, because the victim married a man she loves, against the wishes of the family. Though there was few print media reports on the incident, television channels did not show much interest in the incident, not did the print media did follow-up stories on the crime. This lack of interest was due to lack of visual footage!

In the case of Pranay's killing, the news channel have barged into the house of the victim, and tried to take mileage from the visuals of grieving family members. The insensitiveness of television channels come from the fact that the reporters were shoving their booms into the face of a grieving Amrutha, and brother of Pranay.

Our media, especially the television channels, always search for 'visual element' from every incident, and this ensure them to play-up the incident beyond the coverage it truly deserves. This indiscriminate coverage of such heinous crimes, possess the risk of normalizing these incidents, turning people insensitive. By giving this kind of airspace, the media is in a way glamourizing the crime, and this certainly is not in the best interest of the society at large.

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