T-Congress Needs a Leader To Fight KCR

T-Congress Needs a Leader To Fight KCR

Revanth Reddy is Telangana's firebrand politician and a strong voice against KCR & family. Though Revanth had been in TDP, a political opponent of Congress, and is very close aide of TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu, he had left Naidu with great difficulty and against his own wish. Revanth had no other option but to leave the TDP and join Congress to take on KCR.

However, Revanth got support from Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. This is what made him to take up the offer without a second thought. Since the assurance has come from Gandhi himself, Revanth has moved onto Congress and decided to continue his fiery attacks on KCR & Co. But what stopped Revanth was not his political opponents from TRS but his own party leaders in Congress. The senior leaders of Congress were not at all happy with Revanth's inclusion and they were opposing his rise in party. Seeing the writing on the wall that Revanth would dominate them in future, senior leaders did try their best to stop Revanth's rise.

And the result is a voiceless and opposition-less for KCR's government. As elections are just away and particularly reports are rife that Telangana may go for early polls, now Congress is struggling with leadership vacuum. Neither senior leaders are aggressively taking on KCR, nor they're allowing Revanth to do so by putting conditions on his press interactions and public presence.

As the issue has now reached to party chief, Rahul said to have intervened and decided to sort the issue. He has asked the senior leaders of party to ditch differences among them and asked them to work together to take on KCR. Apparently, Rahul is also talking to seniors one-on-one to make it easy for Revanth.

Since Telangana is crucial for Congress to bounce back, Rahul is monitoring the developments very closely. Now, one has to see how Uttam Kumar Reddy, V Hanumantha Rao, and many other senior Congress leaders would obey Rahul.