Pawan Changes Wives Like Cars - Jagan

Pawan Changes Wives Like Cars - Jagan

Opposition leader YS Jagan has unleashed a scathing and no-holds-barred attack against Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Breathing fire on Pawan, Jagan for the first time has attacked Pawan's personal life too.

Raising the much-talked about issue of Pawan's marital life that ran in to trouble twice, Jagan shot back saying Pawan changes his wives so easily like how anyone changes their cars. Jagan also attacked Pawan's morality and sincerity.

Takeaways from Jagan's attack on Pawan:

- Pawan Changes His Wives So Easily Like He Changes His Cars
-So far, Pawan changed 4 wives and again he talks about morals and sincerity.
- Pawan is the one who had lived with BJP and TDP for 4 years and did grave injustice to AP.
- Whenever Pawan wants to save Chandrababu, he puts tweets or he conducts a press conference. Once it's done, Pawan goes missing. No one knows where he goes.
- It's very unfortunate that I've to respond to the comments of even Pawan Kalyan.
- It's "Time Waste" to talk about Pawan.

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