JC Changes Decision after Chandrababu's Call

JC Changes Decision after Chandrababu's Call

Rebel TDP MP JC Diwakar Reddy, who had stated that he would not attend the Lok Sabha during the crucial discussion on No-Confidence Motion moved by the TDP, has finally changed his decision after party chief and CM Chandrababu Naidu telephoned him and persuaded him. Unhappy Diwakar Reddy has changed his decision in the last minute and has decided to fly to Delhi tonight to attend the Lok Sabha session tomorrow.

JC, who did not attend Parliament on Wednesday, had earlier said he would continue to stay away when the no-trust motion moved by the TDP is taken up for discussion, and also during the entire Monsoon Session.

TDP has issued a whip directing all its MPs to attend Parliament on Friday and Monday. But JC had said he would stuck to his decision keeping TDP leaders on tenterhooks. Reddy had said it does not matter even if a whip was issued.

"This is just a routine. The government is not going to fall anyway. And I cannot speak English or Hindi. So my presence or absence doesn't matter," he told reporters in Anantapuramu late last night on Wednesday.

But JC has changed his decision on Thursday evening when he received call from Naidu that issues would be addressed. After assurance from Naidu, JC has decided to fly to Delhi on Thursday night to attend the House on Friday and Monday. JC confirmed that he would participate in the debate and even cast his vote against BJP. This is a great relief to TDP at this juncture. Yet again, Naidu has done a great job in the eleventh hour.

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