Good News For Indian H-1B visa aspirants

Good News For Indian H-1B visa aspirants

In what can be termed as good news for all the Indian H-1B visa aspirants, US president Donald Trump said he is not against foreign workers coming to the US. "I want people to come in. They have to come in through a merit system though," Trump said during a luncheon with members of the Congress at the White House yesterday.

Indian workers who aspire to move to the US on a H-1B visa are the worst suffered in the present immigration system, which allows only 7 percent of technicians from each country quota on allotment of green cards or permanent legal residency. Trump's latest statement comes hours after the US Supreme Court upheld Trump's controversial travel ban against people coming from 8 Muslim countries.

"Foxconn is setting up a manufacturing base in Wisconsin. They make the laptop for Apple, and iPhones, a lot of it. They need workers. I have to let people come in. But they have to come in through a merit. They have to be people that can love our country and help our country," Trump said.


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