Rahul To Go Abroad: Hilarious Satire On BJP Army

Rahul To Go Abroad: Hilarious Satire On BJP Army

The fight between Congress President Rahul Gandhi's social media team and the troll army led by BJP leaders is not a new thing. But these days, Rahul has upped his ante and his wit inducing criticism is attracting many netizens. Here is his latest one.

Apparently, BJP is supported by this huge troll army that always trends words like "Pappu" and others on Rahul whenever they want to attack him. And then, if Rahul is not seen on Twitter for a while, these handles start to promote stuff like if he's hiding in Italy or what. Now that Rahul is going abroad, he said this way. "Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia ji to her annual medical check up".

But that is not his pun, here is what it followed. "To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don't get too worked up. I'll be back soon".

Needless to say, this hilarious satire evoked instant fun last night. Because with Congress holding back decisions of taking up ministries and others stuff in the recently formed JDS-Cong govt in Karnataka, naturally, BJP lovers will throw satires if things get delayed. That's why Rahul might have tweeted this way.

After undergoing surgery in 2011 for a serious ailment, Sonia goes to the USA every year for medical checkups. While Rahul will return to India after a week, it's heard that Sonia will be there for more than a month.

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