Sania Mirza Confirms Her Pregnancy

Sania Mirza Confirms Her Pregnancy

Recently while talking about her future children, India's tennis starlet, Hyderabadi Sania Mirza confirmed that she will get her children named with two initials. She confirmed that her children will bear both the surnames of their father and mother as well.

Taking to Twitter, Sania shared a photo of their family wardrobe with a special slot allotted for a baby, Mirza-Malik. And that is almost like confirming that Sania is pregnant with her first child. Married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik in 2010, Sania always became the topic of media discussions for her husband. There are either rumours that she was pregnant or that she's getting divorced from her husband.

Quashing all those rumours, the 31-year-old always maintained a stoic silence and stated that kids will happen at right time. It looks like the moment has come for the couple to celebrate as the tennis starlet declared her pregnancy through social media.

Recently while talking on ‘Gender Bias’ at the Goa Fest 2018, she revealed that whenever they will have the first baby, they will have both their surnames coming together as Mirza-Malik rather just her husband's surname.

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