That Joke On Assange And Zuckerberg!!

That Joke On Assange And Zuckerberg!!

There is both good as well bad things in humans and we are solely responsible which side we choose. It is a proven fact that people tend to choose bad over good for reasons better known to psychologists.

Recently, a joke about Assange and Zuckerberg are making rounds over social media and it is definitely a hard-hitting message to our narrow thinking.

The joke is all about how people declared Julian Assange as the criminal for exposing the inner workings of governments, military, and trade deals around the world and he claims himself as a political refugee and he did it for to expose the flaws in the government. But Mark Zuckerberg, who is the man behind Facebook, is said to be giving away all our information to corporations for money and people call him as Man of the year.

The irony is that if a man like Assange does good things in an illegal way, like a Robinhood, we tag him as a criminal, but idolise the one who is illegally looting all our information without our consent. What kind of a society are we actually living in? The joke reflects our mentalities, isn't it?

On the flip side, Assange is accused of rape somewhere in Sweden, while Zuckerberg faces no such cases.

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