Viral Video: Modi Insults Advani?

Viral Video: Modi Insults Advani?

A video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'ignoring', 'snubbing' his political guru, mentor BJP veteran LK Advani during the Biplab Deb's swearing-in ceremony as Tripura CM on Friday (Mar 9, 2018), is going viral online. The video sees Modi walking past Advani without even looking at Advani even as the veteran leader stands and looks at Modi with folded hands.

Modi neither looked at Advani nor greeted him nor smiled at him, but walked past Advani and shook the hands of the former CM Manik Sarkar and spoken to him. Not even for courtesy, Modi hasn't looked at Advani who is standing  just next to Manik Sarkar. Throughout the period of Modi's interaction with Manik Sarkar, Advani was standing with folded hands.

Along with LK Advani, other senior leaders Murli Manohar Joshi were also seen on the dais, but little did Modi care to even greet them or shook hands with them personally. Whereas Modi's long conversation with Manik Sarkar and snubbing Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi hasn't gone well with even hard-core BJP fans. Given that Modi had severely attacked Manik Sarkar verbally during the Assembly elections campaign, Modi's sudden love for Sarkar come as a shock to BJP's Karyakartas.

This video of Modi snubbing Advani has received flak from netizens who rebuked Modi's head-strong attitude. Many Twitterati recalled how Modi had traveled with Advani as his assistant carrying Advani's microphone.

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